Land Acquisition

Our land identification and acquisition process is thorough but efficient. We have developed a comprehensive approach with a series of tested benchmarks to appraise sites by considering all the relevant factors and history of the site; this means that we only submit well researched and qualified bids to land owners.

Due to our strong and flexible funding arrangements we are able to consider land with existing consents as well as those without, and where appropriate work with land owners to maximise the potential of their land.

Where new or enhanced consents are required our strategy is to work with Local Planning Authorities in a constructive manner across all relevant departments and this has yielded positive results for us over time in maximising the potential of each site, whilst building trust and a long term cooperative attitude with LPAs.

We welcome partnerships with land owners, Local Boroughs and other public & private sector stakeholders to create value for participants, our clients and surrounding communities.

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